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Contact Information


650-854-5900 x233

Teri Chickman

Bonnie Thielemann


Upcoming Events

The BOOK FAIR will be on October 20-27th.  Please watch for information regarding our annual Book Fair. 




Our goal is to develop avid readers and information-literate students.

Library Program

Every week all students have a thirty minute period in the library where they listen to stories read by the librarian, their classroom teacher or a guest reader.  Kindergarten students are joined by their Third Grade Buddies who help them find a book to take home. 

Library skills are taught to enable students to be independent library users.  Students are introduced to a variety of literature and informative texts.  In addition to their class library period, students in first through third grades are able to visit the library during recess.

Parent volunteers assist with checkout of books and special projects. 


Meet the Librarian


I'm so excited to be the  Library Teacher! This is my third year working in the library and my seventeenth year as a teacher.  Before switching over to the library,   I taught Kindergarten here at Las Lomitas for eight years. My favorite part of being a Library Teacher is reading aloud to the students each and every day.  I love children's literature and introducing students to new and wonderful books as well as sharing the old familiar favorites.  Along with all of the teachers here at Las Lomitas, I hope to inspire a love of reading in all of our students. 

Meet the Library Assistant


I've had the privilege of working at Las Lomitas for over seven years, but it was only last year when I transitioned into the library. I love to read, so for me it was a natural fit.

Books are like an adventure or a lesson you haven’t experienced yet, and I love to bring that sense of excitement for the written word to the students of Las Lomitas. Whether it’s the development of knowledge through an exploration of fact, inspiring creativity through illustrations, the edification of values through character development, processing the flow of information through a story line, or nurturing imagination through an author’s impression, I love to watch the influence of literacy take root and advance a student’s perspective. I’m proud to be an advocate of it at a district that places such a high value on the advancement of literacy and parents who collaborate to encourage and foster its growth at home.


The PTA sponsors the Adopt-A-Book program. The Las Lomitas Library relies on the Adopt-A-Book Program to provide new books for our library. Consider making a donation to our library.