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Director of Technology:
Jeff Honda
650-854-6311 x37

Media Lab Specialist:
Bobbi Thielemann
650-854-5900 x2

Richard Izutsu

Juan Lopez


Acceptable Use Agreement for K-3

As part of CIPA compliance (Children’s Internet Protection Act), each Kindergarten-3rd grade student must have a completed Student Internet Safety Policy & Acceptable Use Agreement for Technology on file, stating he/she will abide by Las Lomitas Elementary School District (LLESD) Internet Safety Policy and rules regarding technology (tech) resources.  We understand that K-3 students may not be able to read this Agreement, nor can their signature carry merit of understanding on this information, and therefore we ask the parents to partner with our training done at school to review the following information with their child. 

Technology at Las Lomitas

We are very proud of the technology integration and programs at Las Lomitas! Kindergarteners enter  and quickly learn basic skills and techniques integrated into their curriculum and 3rd graders graduate having experienced iMovie, PowerPoint, Word, and graphics into their projects. The curriculum is supported by softwares such as BrainPop, IXL Math, Discovery Streaming, Khan Academy, Shutterfly Bookmaker, and numerous apps on the iPads. Creative projects throughout the year include students creating kimonas using design programs after studying Japan, and students making a full PowerPoint "about me" that includes graphics, inserted movies using green screens, and a focus on writing. 

Students attend the lab weekly to visit "Mrs. T" for a lesson that ties the technology to the current focus of study in the classroom. Additionally, an emphasis and time is placed on keyboarding and computer skills. 

All 1st-3rd grade classrooms have 1-6 computers, to the teacher's requests. Most have SmartBoard and document cameras for the projection and interactivity of the classroom learning. In 3rd grade, the classrooms have an iPad crate of 5 iPads for centers. There are some other grades sharing some crates also. Apps are selected to the needs of the curriculum. 

Our Science room has an iPad cart of 25, with keyboards. Teachers take advantage of the mobility and the cart is actively used!

Technology is rapidly changing and we're making sure our students are maximizing the opportunity of our resources.